Drug Addiction

Taking drugs like weed or coke does at first, feels thrilling, exciting ...

Drug Addiction with Hypnosis

But once it embeds itself into your system it develops into a habit and becomes a different story where your no longer experiencing those 'Thrills' or 'Excitement' anymore.

In fact, if you have to 'do even more' to get that 'first original hit' your a drug addict! Habitual drug use gets expensive and you quickly build up a tolerance so you have to take more to get that buzz - maybe a lot more.

Explanation :

. Habits & Addictions

Keep telling yourself :

When asked why 'do drugs' I always get the same response "I don't need it, just need to 'chill' after a hard day..."

Really? So why is it that whenever your 'chillin', you need to reach for a 'Spliff' or a line of 'Coke'? Why not go to the Gym, Swim or go for a Bike Ride?

It's called 'dependency' - your an addict!

Topping up those toxicity levels :

All the while, your toxicity levels are going up, so it gets more and more risky and uncomfortable. Sometimes you don't get much out of it at all, and so your money and you time are wasted.

If the UK ever decided to implement 'random' drug testing on its employees; thousands would be in BIG trouble as many use drugs just to start their day!

Missing out on your life :

Drug habits waste a huge amount of time that could be spent doing something useful, or quality time with loved ones - and nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Relationships can and are ruined, and jobs or businesses lost all because of drugs.

Once drug use becomes a habit, it loses is 'hi' and thus, the 'feel good' or 'hit' factor has been lost.

Medicinal Usage :

Let's get one thing clear, there are medicinal uses for various drugs which are specifically developed for certain conditions. Don't listen to the hype, watch youtube clips on how taking so-called social drugs are okay - They are Not!

Whatever it is that you taking, it will either kill you or at the very least, rein our life to such an extent you will not only lose everything you hold dear, your mental health will become irreparable!

Taking any mind altering drug will change your life forever!

The Process :

Before starting the process of shutting down the habit, be it Cannabis (Weed), Cocaine, Ketamine, Crack or any other drug, I explain the process in detail to each client, so they know exactly how it all works.

Myth Busted :

People are nearly always surprised when hypnosis works, because they are accustomed to the idea that they "can't stop" and that it is an addiction...How very wrong they are!

Denial is not a River in Egypt :

Being dependant on any drug like 'Weed' or 'Cocaine' to make you feel better, is going to kill you or at the very least, you will lose everything from your home, job and your family!...trust me on this one!

Help & Support :

If your hearing that 'nag' in your mind telling you to do something about your Drug Addiction and it's getting loader; make that first decisive step today!

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