It can be upsetting and very difficult facing situations in ones life ...

Things such as Smoking, Drink, Drugs, Overweight, Anger, Phobias, Anxiety, Confidence...the list is endless.

It seems that no matter how hard you try, your presenting issue simply becomes unmanageable, taking over your life despite your best efforts to 'cope' and carry on.

But let me tell, despite what you think and see, your not on your own as millions of people are all in 'the same boat'!

Thousands or people from all walks of life go through enormous pain and anguish such as Family Disputes, Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Confidence Crisis, I said earlier, the list is endless.

When something is crippling you growth either through Anger, Confidence or Smoking etc; talking to either family or friends is just not enough or indeed, embarrassing. And to make it even more complicated, it can be even worse culturally, when your expected to be the 'strength' of the family unit within your Community!

So what now?

It is time to talk privately and confidentially with someone independent of your life circle. Someone who understands the point you have been forced to face.

These episodes that visit our lives, over time, debilitates you as an individual, it wears you down impacting on your Work, Life and Relationships.

We know if something is wrong in our lives, sometimes its plain obvious, other times however, it creeps up on you.  You hear that nagging voice in your mind, telling you to do something about it; but you ignore it allowing it to go on unheard, the symptoms grow even bigger in your mind until evenually, you just stop coping....ring any bells?

Let me help you reconnect the person that you are, taking back control of you life!

With Hypnosis, you will regain control ...

It sounds mad going to a Hypnotherapist right? but you would be amazed how many people, irregardless of status, job or position in life who actually call to just 'talk' to me.

It usually starts with a cheery albeit a nervous voice "Oh! hello Richard, thank you for calling me back. I wonder if you can help me with a small problem?" they ask.

"Sure, what's the problem?" I ask

"Well, I have a high pressure job and get really stressed out. So when I get home, I roll a (Cannabis) joint and have a few beers to calm me down"

"OK, and now, where are you at?" I ask

"I don't think its a problem, but would like to come in and see you to run it by you and see what you think"

So the caller has taken the first step to dealing with an issue, albeit that they are 'masking' what they already know to be a problem through the premise of 'checking' if they do in fact, have a problem.

Sure they do, which is why they are calling and good on them for taking that first initial step!  This is often the hardest part toward recovery after that and for them, its like a ton weight being lifted off their backs.

"Sure, let's make an appointment and have a chat shall we?" I say

You can almost hear the relief over the telephone.

"Oh! that's great, yes please..." responds a relieved voice

And so, their journey toward recovery begins...

Motivation :

So what drove such a person in seeking out a hypnotherapist?

The answer is simple....they 'heard' and 'listened' to their inner voice; that nag that gradually gets loader each time its ignored until eventually, cannot be ignored anymore. They have a problem, they know it and probably those who care and love them know it also.

Call To Action!

If your experiencing such a 'nag'; its because the presenting issue in your life are becoming so critical to such an extent that your sub-conscious mind cannot allow you to ignore it any further, forcing you to act!

Think of it as physical pain, first its sore, you ignore it and then it grows into pain forcing you to 'pay atention' to the symptons.

You have nothing to be embarrassed about as many people from all walks of life have been there...even me!

Remember, your sessions are Confidential, Personal and Private so go ahead, take that first step toward resolving your presenting issues/problems.

Help & Support :

If your hearing that 'nag' in your mind which is telling you to do something about it, contact us for a confidential chat; make that first decisive step today!

Make an Enquiry Take control, restore our life!