The Three Step Approach


It can be upsetting when facing a situation in ones life such as a Alcohol, Drugs, Anger.

It seems that no matter how hard you try, the problem simply grows and becomes unmanageable despite your best efforts to 'cope'.

This over time debilitates you as an individual, it affects your Life, Career and Relationships.

THINK IT! ....

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It can be crippling when your growth is being affected by Fear, Confidence or Anxiety.

Talking to family or friends just seems not to be enough and embarrassing. It is time to talk in private with someone who is independent of your life circle.

You need someone who understands the point you have been forced to face.

WANT IT! ...

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We know if something is wrong in our lives, it's plain obvious and deeply personal.

Other times however, it creeps up on you and you hear that nagging voice in your mind, but allowed to go on unheard simply makes the issue worse.

Let me help in reconnecting the person that you are, taking back control of your life!


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Hypnosis Services


About Hypnosis

How it Works ...

Hypnosis has been around for as long as humans have kept records in which hypnosis or 'trance' was realised as a natural human ability.

Without going into hypnosis, people wouldn't be able to learn, focus attention, undergo religious rites, experience pain-free surgery and much more.

Using this proven, efficient process, many of my clients have used it in overcoming presenting issues such as Anger, Anxiety and Confidence issues.

The experience of hypnosis transforms people's lives, allowing their recovery and inner light to once again shine.

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The Benefits ...

Hypnosis enables you to achieve control over many problems. This is because it is often the 'glue' that holds problems in place.

Should you be experiencing emotional or performance problems, it is because you are ignoring the 'voice' or 'common sense' of your sub-conscious mind.

Take those first initial steps in talking with someone who will 'hear' and 'listen' with an understanding, experienced mind and whom will not stand in judgement.

This 'triggers' the beginning toward your path to  recovery, enjoying once again, the sense of wellness.

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Practice Hours 

Tuesday - 09:00am – 17:00pm

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We work on an appointment basis to ensure that clients are able to access our services. We always respond to enquiries and will endeavour to do so within practice hours. However, outside these hours you can still contact us and we will respond as soon as we are able.

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